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The silhouette of a traditional tasting board is pretty recognizable if you frequent a bar or brewery :)

In 2015, I set out to create a custom Craft Beerd® bottle opener, that was unique and signature to our brand - not just another "played out" bottle opener we've seen for years. It had to be different...

Last year, we released a wooden Beer Cap Map of San Diego and it led me to these conclusions after needing to collect bottle caps to fill the map:

  • I like openers that do not bend the caps
  • I like openers that crack open the bottle in one pop. No "knicking" away at the cap with an inefficient opener mouth
  • I like openers that stick on the fridge with a magnet. The opener was always in the same place, and easy to find
  • It had to be made of wood

Conceptually, I played with a lot of ideas and one thing was for certain, it needed to be handcrafted from wood. This led me to straight to one source, my dad. He's always tinkered around with wood ideas and I knew he would help me conceive this (as he did I :).

After a couple ideas on paper, we came up with the concept of a tasting "Flight Board".


In order to create a complete bottle opener, we required the following components:

  • Wooden body of opener itself
  • Bolt
  • Magnet
  • Wooden Plug 

Wooden Body

We nailed down the shape of the opener pretty early on.

We created a nice handheld opener with 4 "taster" holes. Three of them are "open" for aesthetics and the top hole (furthest away from handle) housed the bolt to open the bottles.

I was particular in the overall dimensions of the opener, since it had to feel just right in order to comfortably and successfully crack the bottle open with one pop with ease. The kung-fu ninja grip was necessary!

For this run, we created 1/2 of them with Maple and the other 1/2 with Mahogany. Those woods are friendly to shape and work with.


The bolts we found came in different colors/stains, so we chose a few that would compliment the wood and mix and matched. The functionality of them is pretty straight forward since they don't bend the caps!


The magnet needed some research/sampling due to the requirements of dual functionality: sticking to the fridge (metal surface) & catching the cap <-- Oh yeah, it does that too :) 

We sampled various "strengths" of the magnet and believe it or not, there are a lot of considerations to make with magnets.

You have to determine its "pull strength", which is based on the diameter of the magnet, thickness, and distance to target. With that, we had to play with various drill depths in the opener, to successfully find a magnet that could catch a cap and stick to the fridge (without it sliding around due to lack of pull strength.)

Wood Plug

We found some cool wooden plugs to cover the magnet opening. Since the wooden plugs were all light in color, we added a stain to them to get a closer color match to the darker wood.


Once we nailed down the final prototype, we then started to duplicate them one by one. My dad shaped all the openers in his garage.

The final step of completion, was to mark the Craft Beerd logo on each opener. Initially, I was going to brand them on the handle, but that didn't end up how I wanted it look, consistently. I've branded my other products in the past, but with a bigger surface area, and with this little flight handle it wasn't quite making a cut for a hand brand.

Laser Engraving

Instead, we chose to get them laser engraved and we found a cool local shop, Inscriptu, here in San Diego. They were awesome in not only the overall quality, but they went the extra mile by taking some awesome photos and videos used in this blog!


From conception to completion, we took the time we needed to get these right. In fact, from this point forward, every product we release will have a story. This blog will highlight the products we release and give you more insight as to what goes into a product here at Craft Beerd. We appreciate the Craft Beer culture and are continually inspired to come up with fresh & unique beer inspired products.

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